The hidden story of the first women's briefs

Curiosity: do you know that women's briefs have a fascinating history dating back to the 19th century? Initially, the briefs were considered an intimate garment for men, but with the passing of time, women began to request a female version. It was only in 1868 that the French designer Herminie Cadolle created the first model of women's briefs, calling it "the bien-être" which means "good-being". Since then, women's briefs have become an essential element of female intimacy, offering comfort and convenience to all women who want to buy online.

A dip in the past: the historical anecdote of women's briefs

During the 1950s, women's briefs played a significant role in the fashion revolution. At that time, women started wearing skirts and shorter dresses, and the briefs became a fundamental leader to protect their privacy. But what happened when Marilyn Monroe, the famous beauty icon, wore a white dress during her performance in the movie "The Seven Year Itch"? Many will remember the famous scene in which his dress rises with a pile of wind that reveals his briefs. This event helped increase the popularity of women's briefs and made it a symbol of sensuality and femininity.

Discover the comfort and style of women's briefs

Description: Women's briefs are a fundamental piece of underwear for every modern woman who wants to feel comfortable and confident. Made of high quality materials, such as cotton, silk or microfiber, women's briefs offer a perfect fit and lasting comfort. Available in a wide range of styles, such as bikini briefs, high waist briefs or Brazilian briefs, women can choose the model that best suits their style and preferences. Whether you're looking for a few briefs for everyday use or something sexier for a special evening, our online catalog offers a selection of women's briefs that will meet your needs. Discover our collection and let yourself be conquered by the comfort and style of women's briefs!

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