A touch of style and comfort: the world of men's boxers

Are you ready to discover an intriguing curiosity about the world of man boxers? These intimate garments, known for their comfort and practicality, have in fact a fascinating history dating back centuries. We discover together how they were born and how they evolved over time to become an indispensable garment for men today.

A journey in time: the historical anecdote of the boxer man

Throughout history, men have worn various types of underwear, but boxers have a particularly interesting story. Dating back to ancient Greece and Rome, these garments were initially called "subligacula" and were worn as a protective garment by athletes during competitions. Over the centuries, boxers have undergone several transformations and have become increasingly popular. It is interesting to note that only in the 20th century boxers began to be worn as daily underwear, thanks to their comfort and freedom of movement they offered.

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